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Environmental Techniques

Environmental Techniques

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All of a persons behaviors depend on what environment or situation they are in, including their inner stimuli or needs, and their history of reinforcement.

Some of the simplest ABA techniques are to modify the persons environment. One of the most successful is called environmental enrichment. If a person has all the things they may find reinforcing easily available, they do not have to work hard or do difficult behaviors to get them.

The other main approach is to find all the stimuli that annoy the person, or have been seen to be antecedents to problem behaviors, and change or get rid of them.

These are the easiest techniques to train others to do, as they can be put in place one by one, and often are easily expressed in plain language as in always make sure he has something to drink.

With problem behaviors, often we develop a list of 5 to 12 things to do to adjust the enivironment by adding or removing things.

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