ABA Techniques for Parents, Teachers and Technicians (RBTS)


Reaction Strategies

Everyone always wants to know "but what do we do when an unwanted behavior occurs?"

There are two main strategies we use for most behaviors.

The first one is Interrupt-redirect-reward, in which we get the attention of the student and then remind them what we want them to be doing now, and if they cooperate we reward and praise them.

The second one is planned extinction. If we know what the person is trying to get by their problem behavior, we can make sure that they never get that following their unwanted behavior. Of course we are going to reward them for trying to get that thing in a more appropriate way.

So if a child refuses to eat, and we determine by analyzing his behavior that he is doing so to get his parents attention, we make sure they give him no attention for this, but give him much praise for eating.

 Redirection (teacher)

Interrupt, Redirect, Reward

Planned Ignoring

Calming a Meltdown



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